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All-electric engines are the new, sleek technology in the automotive space. People and even entire governments are heavily pushing for the adaptation of electric engines, so Vestal, NY drivers will benefit from future-proofing as soon as possible. And our knowledgeable and friendly team at dealership is ready to help you find the perfect electric vehicle for your needs. One of the team's favorite electric models of late is the Hyundai Ioniq 5 -- It's an efficient, feature-packed, and highly efficient electric SUV that can elevate the driving experience of any Windsor, NY and Johnson City, NY driver. Let's look at this appealing vehicle's most useful and cutting-edge features.

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Trim Levels and Safety

At Miller Hyundai, our inventory changes often, so we have a ton of different models, trims, and configurations available for Owego, NY drivers to enjoy. And the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is no exception as Hyundai has crafted a few specialized trims for drivers to choose from -- the Ioniq 5 SE, SEL, and Limited all excel in different ways that will serve Endicott, NY drivers well in many unique situations.

Let's start with the SE. This base trim comes with everything a casual driver needs to enjoy a comfortable and convenient morning commute. Hyundai includes all basic features, like the Ioniq 5's large charge capacity and powered door-opening functions. Additionally, the Ioniq 5 SE includes durable, 19-inch alloy wheels that will enable the vehicle to remain smooth on rough and uneven roads. There's also a high-quality sound system that uses unique, cinema-inspired speaker placement to deliver a premium media experience while on the road.

Next is the SEL trim, which the manufacturer considers their "balanced" option. It features the same base features as the SE but includes many tech-focused safety features, like lane-change assist on the highway. This expanded tech package extends to smartphone integration. The Ioniq 5 SEL includes numerous unique options for accessing navigation and media commands without taking your hands off the wheel.

Last is the Hyundai Ioniq 5 Limited. It's Hyundai's most premium option, defined mostly by its enhanced luxury and comfort features. For example, many Ioniq 5 Limited models include panoramic vision roofs and a full, 360-degree viewing angle of the vehicle's exterior from the vehicle's full-HD dashboard.


Miller Hyundai also has plenty of unique aesthetic packages for Binghamton, NY drivers to enjoy. These packages can greatly alter the Ioniq 5's interior and exterior design. One example is the vehicle's premium, real-leather seats. These luxurious and breathable materials can greatly enhance the driver's comfort. And for those with sportier habits who drag a lot of dirt, sweat, and grime into their vehicles, Miller Hyundai can set drivers up with dirt-resistant synthetic weaves that retain a lot of the real leather option's comfort paired with greatly enhanced durability.

As for the exterior, we have many colors available. The Ioniq 5 is marketed as a professional vehicle with sleek aesthetics, so color options include cool greys, matte blacks, and light blues. Different coatings and textures are also available for those who want to give their vehicle a personal touch.

Performance and Technology

Performance is the Ioniq 5's marquee selling point. The electric vehicle comfortably keeps pace with its contemporaries in the electric vehicle space while retaining many practical features of traditional motors. The vehicle can go from ten percent to eighty in just twenty minutes. This makes quick charging sessions on road trips a quick and stress-free process. Likewise, it means that a night's charge can last for days at a time with moderate use, which means Vestal, NY drivers have the potential to save a lot on fuel with the Ioniq 5.

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